Project updates

A new academic year brings changes for the Ancient Books project. After a very busy first half of 2018, the project is leaving UBC and moving to the University of Toronto, where I am starting a tenure-track position at the Centre for Medieval Studies. UBC has been supportive of this project from the beginning: both in the initial granting of two Undergraduate Research Awards, which enabled the project to get going, and in the tremendous resources made available as I was putting together a SSHRC Insight Development Grant application. Because of this funding, the project has been able to employ four extremely talented undergraduate and graduate student research assistants.

The SSHRC grant has also enabled me to travel and present preliminary findings from the project at meetings of the Classical Association of Canada and the Canadian Society of Patristic Studies, as well as funding Justin, one of the project RAs, to go on a two-week trip to examine papyri in London, Oxford, and Manchester.

Both Justin and Amber have written blog posts which will appear on the blog in the coming weeks, as will some reflections on the many wonderful things I learned from my students in a graduate seminar that ran last semester on the topic of ‘The Ancient Book’. Once I am settled in Toronto I hope to be able to post more regular updates to the blog.